Friday photo - Alert

9:30 AM

These are some pictures of a ship called the 'Alert', it has been tricky to find information about it. According to the Lloyds Registers that Southampton have digitised there are 9 entries for ships named 'Alert' and the Clydebuilt database has 10. Without knowing the tonnage or date of build its impossible for me to decide which of these entries this images relate to. So I can only offer some pictures and hope that someone out there might care to fill in the blanks?

I received a very helpful email from Mick at Irish Ship Wrecks who provided the following information about the Alert:

ALERT 1885 to 1938, Official No 83511 built at Runcorn 1885.

Top Sail Schooner she measured 103.8 ft X 23.6 ft Depth of hold 11.1 ft and was 143 Net Register Tons.

She was registered at the following Ports During her life time: Runcorn, Fowey, Baumaris, Falmouth.

Mercantile Navy Lists 1890 - 1900- 1910
Lloyds Register Of Sail Vessels 1895 .

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