Calais report

11:38 AM

I was in Calais last weekend (13-15 November) for the E-Faith conference.  It's a get together of volunteers and volunteer associations to discuss and share information about the safeguarding of industrial and technical heritage.  The meeting was held at the Museum of Lace in Calais, which is a beautiful building that combined an original factory with a modern extension that incorporated a jacquard card design onto the front.

The first half of the day had presentations from about half of the attendants.  These covered a variety of topics and organisations, from online resources for industrial history, oral history trails to the development and repurposing of industrial buildings and industrial history festivals.

My presentation from the day is available on slideshare:

The afternoon was a chance to hear about projects planned by E-Faith, such as better training of industrial volunteers, textile trails, online exhibition about industrial heritage for Europe and cross-border twinning projects between associations to share best practice and experiences.  A summary of the presentations and projects are available here.

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