Friday photo - Magdalene Vinnen

3:17 PM

Today's photo is a little more abstract as it just shows the rigging and mast of the Magdalene Vinnen.  This was a four masted barque, built in Germany and launched from Kiel in 1921.

Like the Padua, she was given to the Soviet Union in 1945 as war reparation and renamed the Sedov.  She is still in working operation today, used as a training vessel for the Navy and based in Murmansk.

The Australian Maritime Museum has several images of the Magdalene Vinnen on Flickr.  They are taken from their collection of photographs by Samuel J Hood who also had a passion for ships and took lots of photos of them over 72 years.  He sounds very similar to our Dan McDonald.  My favourite of theirs it this one of a sailmaker doing repairs:

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