Friday photo - Denny D2 Hoverbus

2:27 PM

Excuse the slightly squint images for today's photo, that's how I put them in the scanner. The images are of the hovercraft/hoverbus built by William Denny & Brothers and launch in 1962. It was one of the last projects the company undertook before they went into liquidation in 1963.

Denny's were a firm known for innovation and this hoverbus was one of the first in the world built for commercial operation.

The BBC has a great clip of the hovercraft on its maiden voyage from Dumbarton to Oban in 1963. Click here to get to the page and then click on the video icon next to the Denny Hovercraft link to view it.

The maiden voyage also took the D2 down to London and British Pathe have this clip of her arriving on the Thames in June 1962


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