Happenings at the Ballast Trust

2:03 PM

It has been a very busy week here at the Ballast Trust so I thought it would make a slightly more interesting post to give folks an idea about the variety of things we are involved in.

On Monday, we had a new volunteer start work on the Edinburgh City Engineer's Plan Project and a visit from the Glasgow University Archive Trainees

On Tuesday, I attended the first meeting of the Implementation Group for the National Strategy for Business Archives in Scotland. We have agreed a plan of actions for the first year and are making plans for a public launch of the strategy. In the meantime you can read the strategy here and get more news about it on the blog.

On Wednesday evening I gave a talk to the Central Scotland Family History Society on the use of business archive records for family and local history research. I was fortunate to be able to include many images from the Glasgow University Collections and the slides from my talk can be seen below.
On Thursday, we had a visitor from the Scottish Railway Preservation Society in to look at drawings we have processed from the Montague Smith collection and those belonging to the Caledonian Railway Association. The society is in the process of re-building a Class 439 Caledonian Railway locomotive and it is hoped that some of the drawings in the collection will assist with this major undertaking.

Our new graduate volunteer, Stacey also started back with us this week and was shown the art of rolling plans by Delaine.

Today I have been listening to the rain and writing up my notes from Tuesday's meeting, revising the action plan and I'm about to head across the storeroom to do some box listing this afternoon.

Tomorrow I will be attending the STICK conference at Kelvingrove. This year's topic is the sustainability of industrial heritage provision in Scotland and there is an interesting mix of archive and museums based talks. If you are interested in attending it is £5 entry (including lunch) and starts at 10am.

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