HMS Candytuft & James Sullivan

10:47 AM

Back in April, I uploaded a photo of HMS Candytuft to our flickr pages. The majority of the photos and images we have here at the Ballast Trust are of 'things', ships, locomotives, engines and it is rare to be able to make a personal connection to them.

So I was delighted to receive an email this week from Mr Hayes, the nephew of a Mr James Sullivan who served on the HMS Candytuft. He provided the following images of Jamie shown here on the left:

And with fellow members of HMS Pembroke

Sadly James Sullivan was just 22 when he along with nineteen other men were killed in a boiler explosion on 9th September 1941. He was born and raised in Rosscarbery, West Cork, Ireland.

Thank you to Mr Hayes for contacting us with this information and giving permission for me to post his photographs.

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