Pacesetter update

6:19 PM

Although the Pacesetter project isn't finished, I recently filled in the official evaluation questionnaire for the Pacesetter team.

This is because we were originally supposed to finish up in October, so my evaluation wasn't as comprehensive as it will be once we have completed a full collection, imported it and then seen it made available online but it did give me an opportunity to think about the project planning benefits and the current status of the project.

I do think that thinking properly about the work we have to do here and how we can parcel it up into 'projects' has been helpful for us and is something that I hope to do more of.

In terms of the actual project, I'm pleased to announce that all the additional information for the Montague Smith collection has been captured and the data entry stage has begun. We have one of our new volunteers working on it and she has been able to input over 250 items so far which makes it nearly 10% complete!!

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