Annual updates

5:17 PM

As well as writing an Annual Report for the Trustees and clients and friends of the Ballast Trust to receive.  I also put together a formal update for clients on what collections we have of theirs and what the status is of each of the collections.

Some of the collections we work on are pretty big and the work often takes years - particularly when we are relying on volunteers to help us process it.  Last week I wrote up the annual updates for 2010/11 for our current client repositories - National Records of Scotland, Glasgow City Archives, Glasgow University Archive Services, Edinburgh City Archives, McLean Museum, Cody Images and Caledonian Railway Association.  Some of the updates were a little disheartening as it seemed like not a lot had changed but I had to remind myself that collections with 1000s of items in them take a long time to complete.

So while, the majority of the collections we're working on are all still in progress there are a few here at the Ballast that are finished and ready to go back to their repositories.  I'm going to post about these later this week to highlight their value as collections.

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