The British Corporation - Records Now Online!

10:37 AM

Our large catalogue for the collection of British Corporation records has been transferred from its card index files to a spreadsheet, and can now be viewed online! The catalogue, numbering just shy of 1000 ships, contains details of the ships name, the builder, year built, yard number, and the accompanying plans that we hold here, at the Ballast Trust.

The British Corporation Records

The collection dates from around 1890 to the mid 1960's. Most of the records contain essential details on the yard number, and ship dimensions. Many of these records themselves are accompanied by numerous specification sheets. Due to the substantial material of specifications that many of the ships have, a key has been devised to ensure that the maximum detail is provided.

WP = White Print
BP = Blue Print
BLP = Blue Linen Print
PP = Photographic Print

Our searchable document has also included (where possible) the location of the shipbuilder, as many firms had yards in more than one city. Whilst the index of records, as to be expected, includes mainly British Ship Yards, there is a significant minority of boats that have been constructed at foreign yards. We have strived to provide extra detail, where possible, including details on ships built as part of the 1939 Emergency Programme.

We hope that by uploading the collection online, it can find an audience, and any interest or feedback would be much appreciated!

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