SS Rathlin & Arctic Convoys

11:30 AM

Today a new exhibition opens at the National War Museum in Edinburgh - Arctic Convoys. I attended a preview of it yesterday evening as the Ballast Trust had worked with the National Museums Scotland (NMS) and Glasgow Museums to arrange for our model of the SS Rathlin to be included in the exhibition.

Glasgow Museums hold a large collection of ship models loaned to the Museum from the 1970s onwards by Bill Lind and since his death the Trustees of the Ballast Trust and Lind Foundation are responsible for them.

We were very pleased to be able to work with NMS to arrange for the loan and the model looks wonderful in its new display. The Rathlin served as a rescue ship during the Arctic Convoys but she had been built by Alexander Stephen & Sons Glasgow in 1936. We have a photograph of her from the Dan McDonald Collection below and there is some good information about her work as a rescue ship here.

The exhibition will run until March next year at the National War Museum in Edinburgh Castle.

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