Recent Updates to the Merchant Shipping Photography Collection

3:03 PM

Several photographs from the William Lind Collection (held at the Ballast Trust) have been digitised and added to our Flickr account. The recent updates include two photographs of the S.S. Columbia, pictured below.

The S.S. Columbia's eventful history tells a tale of the increasing popularity of transnational travel and of conflict between world powers at the turn of the century.

Built for the Hamburg American Line by Laird Brothers of Birkenhead in 1889, the ship was sold to the Spanish government in 1898 for use as a troopship in the Spanish-American War. During its time under Spanish ownership it was named "Rapido". One year later it was sold back to the Hamburg American Line and returned to its original name. The Columbia was then sold to the Russian Voluntary Fleet in 1904, becoming the cruiser "Terek". It was used for troop transport during the Russo-Japanese War, before being scrapped in 1907. 

You can view the merchant shipping album, and many other fascinating images, by clicking the link to our Flickr page below. 

~ Joseph Heffernan, Volunteer

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