Friday Photo 'Ailie'

1:10 PM

Ref: DC188-1-6

This week's Friday Photo is from our Dan McDonald collection. 'Ailie' was Dan's yacht, purchased in 1925 along with his friend, Andrew Roulston. Ailie was refitted at Port Bannatyne and was used for regular weekend and holiday sailing. 

Ref: DC188-1-21

The Dan McDonald collection which is comprised of over five thousand negatives, each documenting the activity and latter inactivity on the River Clyde over a period of forty years, capturing what is arguably one of the most important periods in terms of Scotland's Shipbuilding Industry. 

However, the change in how Dan captures Ailie is quite interesting. Following their wedding, in 1930 both Dan and his wife used Ailie to explore the sea lochs in the Clyde area, and elsewhere. The intimate nature of these images is reflective of Dan's relationship to this yacht, clearly holding so many personal and cherished memories. 

Ref: DC188-1-22

Ref: DC188-1-29

~ Jennifer Brunton, archives assistant (graduate trainee). 

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