Dan McDonald Catalogue

5:18 PM

I have uploaded the Catalogue for the Dan McDonald collection to our website.  It is in spreadsheet format which although not as easily searchable as a database you can still perform a search across all the sheets using the find function CTRL+F.

Information about Dan McDonald himself can be found here and the catalogue has been arranged into sections as follows:
Section 1. Miscellaneous Vessels 1930-1980. Comprises a list of all types of vessels for which a basic index and reference system was used.

Section 2. Miscellaneous Steam and Motor Vessels. 1920-1950 which were not indexed or identified.

Section 3. Clyde steamers and other passenger vessels trading on the river.

Section 4. Sea going sailing vessels.

Section 5. Coastal sailing vessels.

Section 6. "Views” of scenery, buildings, boatyards etc.

Section 7. Exposures taken during voyages on puffers 1949-1972.

Section 8. Negatives of the yacht AILIE and other miscellaneous yachts, 1925-1930.

Section 9. Fishing negatives. TO BE ADDED

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