8:40 PM

After several phone calls to skip companies and estimates of the size of our courtyard and the amount of rubbish we have to get rid of last week our skip arrived this morning.

I forgot to take a picture of it looking all empty so instead here's the skip 3/4 full.

Everything we are throwing away is either rubbish, duplicates or items that didn't pass the appraisal process.

So it took us all afternoon to fill it up which was pretty good going considering there was only 4 of us working on it.

We still have about half of the dump pile* left to get rid of so at least 1 more skip is going to be required, possibly 2 if we also want to clear out some space for more shelves and fewer dyeline machines.

*Dump pile - the art of constructing the dump pile is a post for another day, once I've been trained in it but it looks a little bit like this:

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