Drawing (on) Riverside

2:47 PM

The Ballast Trust and Duncan in particular, was involved since late 2010 in working with Patricia Cain to understand the processes of technical drawing within shipyard offices using some of the collections we have here and Duncan's own knowledge of technical drawing.

This has been a very interesting process and new experience for us and the exhibition Drawing (on) Riverside opened at Kelvingrove Museum last month on 14 April and will be available until August.  From the Kelvingrove site:

Patricia Cain is the Glasgow-based lawyer turned artist who recently won both the prestigious Threadneedle Prize and the Aspect Prize for her forensically detailed studies of the construction of Glasgow's Riverside Museum.  Now she brings these studies together in Drawing (on) Riverside, an exploration of the different phases of the museum's construction, through the mediums of drawing, painting and sculpture.
Patricia collaborated with others to create the exhibition and this video from Ann Nisbet's blog tells you more about the process of the construction of the architectural installation part of the exhibition.

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