Friday photo - Naiad

4:39 PM

Today's photo is the Naiad built by Swans at their Kelvin Dock, Maryhill in 1875.

She was built for and operated by Morris Munro & Co. who were coal merchants who had the contract to supply MacBrayne's steamers, taking cargos of coal from Ayrshire to, mainly, Oban. Return trips were often made profitable by them bringing slate back from the quarries on Luing, Easdale and Belnahua to meet the demands of the tenament builders in Glasgow. [Info on Morris Munro & Co from here]

**Update** The information we gave above was for a different ship. This image of the Naiad is for the schooner built in Wales in 1867 by the Lanelly Iron Shipbuilding Company. She was built for C. W. Nevill & Co. and used to transport copper ore from Cornish Ports. She survived until 1931 and saw service during the First World War.

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