Friday photo - letterheads

1:37 PM

Last week, I came to the end of the scans I had done of the prints from the Dan McDonald collection - we ended with Y for Yacht.  I now need to think about what items from the collections we hold ourselves would make good Friday photos for the blog.

We have a lovely collection of headed note paper from a variety of businesses that Bill collected which is something of a curiosity with low archival value so probably not going to end up as a formal collection.  This is an example of a letter from the British Motor Boat Manufacturing Company to Robert McAllister & Son, dated 28 May 1937.

Letterhead British Motor Boat

The other option is the coloured glass plate negatives by Dan McDonald that we recently received to add to our Dan McDonald collection.  Or we have drawers of ship postcards that Bill collected which could be scanned as well.

I'll be having a think and planning the project next week so by Friday I will have decided on a collection and have the first items scanned to share on flickr and here.

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