Friday photo - William Beardmore & Co. Ltd

6:24 PM

Today's Friday photo is from a set of images we have for Beardmore's Dalmuir Yard.  One of the things we inherited at the Trust from Bill are a few filing cabinets full of prints of ships and yards that he collected over the years.  There is a whole drawer full of images from different shipyards and engine works and I've decided to make this my next project for uploading a selection of them to Flickr.

So there is now a Yards set on Flickr that I'll be adding to each week.  This week I've added a few images from the Beardmore folder.  The problem with this collection is that it hasn't been catalogued so the information I have for each image is pretty scant.  However, I'd recommend looking at them on Flickr at the largest size you can as the detail in them is amazing.

Here's what I do know about the images - they must have been taken before 1936 (as that was when the Dalmuir Yard was closed) but some could also be of the iron and steel works at the Parkhead Forge in the eastend of Glasgow.

The records of William Beardmore & Co. Ltd are held by Glasgow University Archives.  If you want to know more about the company, there is a nice factsheet on them by West Dunbartonshire Council here.

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