Box listing

2:23 PM

My boxes for box listing arrived this week.  They were a barginous £1.05 per box and are still a fairly decent size 40 x 33.5 x 25cm.

This means that I can now begin box listing the accessions in the outstore.  "A box list is a finding aid that describes the size and the contents of each box in a very generalized way."*  It is a necessary step for all of the collections we have so that I can find out more about what exactly is in each accession and make a decision about when to catalogue it fully and what assistance we'll need in terms of specialist knowledge from volunteers.

This information in turn will help me to prepare for expanding our volunteer numbers if I have a better idea of the type of collections and therefore the type of volunteers we need.  On the downside, it means I have to go and work in the freezing cold outstore!

* Definition from here.

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