Our first favourite

4:51 PM

Exciting news for me today as one of our images on Flickr has been favourited!

It's the picture of the brigadier, which I have also posted about here on the blog and I'm delighted that someone has found it and liked it.  It's also very good timing as I was thinking today about my goals for our account on Flickr and what images I should put up and more generally about why archives should use Flickr and other sites. 

I had been reading some good thought provoking stuff this morning about Flickr from Kate at a blog called ArchivesNext, in particular this post which discusses why archives should use Flickr.  So I'm planning to formalise how I use Flickr in the next month and think a bit more carefully about what images I select from the large collection we have here.  I've tended to pick ones I think are "pretty" or interesting but I might try to focus on particular types of vessels for a change.  Any preferences for what images I show on the blog and Flickr?

We definitely have a long way to go before we reach the levels that the Library of Congress has with 79% of their photos favourited but its a start.

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