Friday photo - Crane Loco

5:41 PM

This weeks photo is the first Railway related image.  It is from the "miscellaneous" collection of photographs and postcards that Bill accumulated and that we now have in several filing cabinets.

It is of a crane locomotive built by Dubs & Co. locomotive manufacturers in Glasgow from 1863 to 1903 when it amalgamated with Neilson, Reid & Co. and Sharp, Stewart & Co. to become the North British Locomotive Co.  By the time of its amalgamation it had become the second largest locomotive works in Britain.

Crane Locomotive

A locomotive crane can have a huge lifting capacity making them a very useful bit of equipement.  More detailed information from this site:  "A unique feature of locomotive cranes is their ability to perform lifting operations while serving as a locomotive for one or more attached rail cars. They can quickly travel miles to remote job sites under their own power, if required. Precision engineering and careful couterweighting enable them to work with very heavy lifts while maintaining their center of gravity over a narrow wheel base."

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