Ballast Trust becomes an Archive Pace Setter

3:23 PM

I'm very pleased to announce that the Ballast Trust has been awarded archive pace setter status* for our project to create electronic catalogues using the Archvists' Toolkit.

I posted earlier in the week here a little bit about our approach to cataloguing at the Ballast Trust and the role that the Archivists' Toolkit would play in this.  This is something that is completely new to us and I hope that our experience in using an open source archival management tool will be useful for others in demonstrating its advantages and possibilities.

As the project progresses, I'll post updates on the blog so watch this space.  You can read about the other pace setters here.

*The Archive Pace Setter scheme aims to encourage innovative projects within the UK archive sector.  It is led by the National Council on Archives in partnership with a range of strategic bodies working with the archive sector including the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, The National Archives, the Scottish Council on Archives, the Society of Archivists and the Welsh Assembly Government.  The scheme runs from October 2009 to April 2013 and successful organisations are required to demonstrate that a specific project will deliver the following outcomes:
  • new users are encouraged to use their service and archive users have access to new ways of engaging with archives
  • and/or record keeping is improved through new methods of management and collections care. 
  • archive services will have demonstrated their adherence to good practice in relation to project planning, management and evaluation

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