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One of the more unusual collections that we have inherited from Bill Lind is a collection of letterheads from various businesses, mainly shipbuilders but lots of smaller assorted businesses are included.  Delaine has gone through and organised them all into alphabetical order by business name.  We now need to decide what to do with them, whether they will make a collection that an archive would want or if we should hold onto them and make a project out of them for flickr perhaps.

Some of the examples include this one from Babcock & Wilcox in 1928:

A great deco style example from the British Motor Boat Manufacturing company in 1937:

Lastly, this example from Slingsby in 1941 who are still on the go now supplying office equipment:

Perhaps some of our examples might even end up on this blog letterheady.  Update: we did, see here!

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