Cataloguing at the Ballast Trust

10:56 AM

As the Ballast Trust carries out work for several different repositories finding cataloguing software that would suit everyone was never going to be possible.  Instead we have opted to install and use the Archivists' Toolkit which will allow us to output catalogues as EAD xml files.  This should mean that for those repositories using CALM or uploading their catalogues to the Archives Hub they will be able to take the xml file and import it into their system straight away.

For those repositories who don't use a database system that can accept xml files then we will provide word documents as we have done in the past.

We will also be using Archivists' Toolkit for general archival management purposes like recording new deposits/accessions and managing locations.  It has worked well for these purposes and we hope that it will be a success for cataloguing as well.

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