#BallastTrainee Doors Open Day 2018!

9:00 AM

This year we're part of Renfrewshire's Doors Open Day, with the aim to ensure that Scotland's built heritage old and new is accessible to people living and visiting the country throughout September every weekend! 

Come along on Saturday 8th September 10am -4pm to our premises 18-20 Walkinshaw Street, Johnstone to have a look around and find out more about what we do!

We've been processing technical plans for shipbuilding, locomotives, and engineering for over 30 years and now you can find out how we do it! The collections we process are often for archives such as the University of Glasgow, Glasgow City Archive, and National Records of Scotland. 

Founded in 1988, this year the Ballast Trust celebrates its 30th anniversary and as part of our initiative to tell the unique story of the Ballast Trust to a wider audience, we have decided to open our doors, providing the opportunity for both organisations and the public to understand how we support archive repositories to preserve, understand, and make accessible records relating to business and industry in Scotland. 

We've lots planned for the day, you can view shipbuilding and locomotive plans, have a look at or impressive collection of ship photographs and postcards or just have a look around our premises! For kids we've got word searches, colouring in our collections and creating your own plans! We've also looked out our embossing presses!

Share your discoveries with us at #ballast30 we can't wait to see what you find!

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